Herb Classes at the Burrs 2020



Deep Winter Calm - Valerian and Chamomile, 8th January 2020 - FULL

  Deep in winter, and into a time of rest after the frantic festive season. This class explore two amazing herbs for bringing calm. Valerian is a fantastic well known nerve tonic good for anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and all kinds of stress in the body. Chamomile is good for anxiety too but can also be very effective in digestive problems, headaches, inflammation and urinary problems, and its great for children too. This two hour class explores the uses of these two plants through guided tastings, in a way that is fun and interactive. and how to use them in medicines. I will be demonstrating how to make a lovely calming glycerite, which is non alcoholic and can be made in the kitchen. There will be some dried herbs for sale. The  cost of the class is £15 and needs to be pre-booked via paypal. It includes a comprehensive emailed handout. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the start of the class will not be refunded.  

Herb Classes for 2020


Burrs Herb Classes

The North-west of England has and unparalleled heritage of herbal medicine, with many famous herbalists working with people in the industrial towns of Lancashire and helping people survive harsh living conditions and disease. The aim of these classes is to bring Herbal medicine back to the people, working with local, seasonal and accessible medicine plants and teaching people how to safely work with them for use with personal and family health. The Herb Classes the Burrs will run on the 2nd Wednesday of each month between 7-9pm at the Lamppost cafe. the Cafe will be open from 6.30pm for Posh Coffee, drinks and delicious cake. The Classes cost  £15 which includes comprehensive handouts emailed a few days beforehand. All classes must be pre booked as numbers are limited.  

Over the year we will  be working with one or two herbs each month to really get to know them through taste, how they work with out bodies and how to make a medicine with them in the kitchen at home.  

Classes cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the class will not be refunded.

Classes for 2020


The classes are held on a Wednesday night between 7pm and 9pm

12th February - Sage and Rosemary

11th March - Fennel and Coriander

8th April - Wild garlic and the spring greens

13th May - Birch and Pine


June - Daisy and self heal

July - Midsumer magic - Mugwort

and making smudge sticks 

September - Hedgerow fruits - Blackberry and Rosehips

October - Deep winter warming medicine - Chilli and Horseradish

November - Winter calm - St johns wort


The Lamppost Herb class

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This includes handouts emailed a few days before the start of the class. Please state on Paypal which Herb class you are booking on