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Food fermentation for beginners - 7pm - Tuesday 3rd December 2019 -

  The lastest medical breakthroughs show how our body's Microbiome is crucial to good health. The Microbiome forms 90% of the cells in our bodies and is essential to good physical and mental health. Modern living has damaged the microbiome and this can often form the root causes of many modern illnesses.
Food fermentation is easy, cheap and delicious and can make a massive contribution to good health as well as being rooted in many cultures of the world. This class goes deeper into the microbiome and how it impacts on our health and ways we can restore that balance with natural, living fermented foods. We will be focusing on the basic principles of making simple sauerkraut and brines also also covering the basics of making milk kefir and the concept of natural PRE-biotics that feed the microbiome. This is a hands on class and we will be making sauerkraut to take home and look after

As usual there will be lots to taste and learn about, along with a hands on experience of making a sauerkraut. The cost is £20, bookable via paypal The price includes an emailed handout and some sauerkraut to take home in a jar and look after. Unfortunately payment will not be refunded if cancellations are make within 48 hours of the start of class. 


November 2019


Food fermentation (this class will be £20) 


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