New for 2020 - WIse woman rising

The 3rd Monday of every month starting January 20th, 7pm - 9pm at Harmony Hub , Chorley

 In ancient times, the menopausal transition or Perimenopause would have been seen as a massive rite of passage in the life of a woman that would take her from her fertility years to the Wise Woman years. In Indigenous and Earth-based cultures, the post menopausal women would take her place as an Elder, Healer, Teacher, leader, Wise woman, something that has been taken from us in Modern Western Culture, and our communities are the worse off for it. For many women the Perimenopause is approached with dread and those travelling through this transition are left coping with massive changes in their bodies, their emotions and with life in general that they feel ill prepared to cope with. We have lost the Wise Woman skills of navigating through this transition and the silence and embarrassment around it has left women feeling isolated and alone. This 13 week course takes us on a journey of learning and acquiring the skills to navigate this very significant and amazing transition in a woman's life  For two and a half hours every month we we are going to be looking deeper into why we feel the way we do and strategies of supporting our bodies through natural approaches and Journey-work. The workshop will include an in depth  knowledge of the herbs that support us, foods, discussion, shamanic journey work, transformative breathwork and ceremony. Some of the herbs we will be exploring will be Ashwaganda, Black cohosh, Sage, Red Clover, Shatavari, Rhodiola, Agnus Castus, Nettle, Liquorice, Artichoke, Dandelion Root, Ladies Mantle, Mugwort, Oatstraw, Valerian and many more.Aspects of the menopause we will be working with are Hot flushes. night sweats, Anxiety and depression, intimate dryness, low libido, urinary problems, digestive problems, food, heavy and irregular periods, phyto-oestrogens and diet, Women's power, These workshops are suitable for all women who are either anticipating starting the Wise Woman journey in the near future, those who are peri-menopausal and those who are post-menopausal.
The cost is £20 per session which includes detailed handouts and some of the classes will include Sage tincture that we make in class and aroma sticks. numbers are limited to 20 and pre-booking via Paypal is essential. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the start of the class will not be refunded.



Wise Woman Rising

Monday 20th January 2020, 7-9.30pm Fully Booked

 Session 1, The start of the journey, Looking deper at what happens during the menopause, supporting our adrenals, 

Herbal leaning: Ashwaganda, Nettle and Liquorice

Learning to journey to the ancient grandmothers for support and wisdom.  

Cost £20

The cost includes emailed handouts, emailed a few days before the start of the workshop


This is an outline of the programme for 2020-21 and is subject to change

Each session will include focus on aspects of the menopause, discussion, developing a broader  understanding of herbal medicines that are on sale in healthfood shops and online, deeper work through shamanic journeys and ritual with a whole session devoted to experiencing connective breathwork in a supportive environment. 

1..January - A deeper look at what happens to a woman during the menopause, how we feel and exploration of the menopause as a rite of passage. Why the adrenal gland is important and how to maintain its health and why. 

Working with Ashwagandha, Liquorice, Nettle

introduction to Shamanic journey work



Diet and the menopause

Making sense of phyto oestrogens

 magnesium, linseed

Red clover

Working with change 



Letting go of that which holds us back

Connective Breath work session



Hot flushes and night sweats

Sage, Black Cohosh making a sage tincture that can be taken home next month 


Anxiety and depression

Mood changes



St johns wort

The cost of this class will include making aromasticks



Loss of Libido, intimate dryness, relationships




Sea buckthorn oil

Womb cleansing meditation



Coping with challenges in Menstruation, heavy  periods.. .PMS.  Honouring the end of menstruation.


Vitex agnus castus

Ladies mantle

Blessing of the womb ceremony..transmission of the 13th munay-ki womb rite





Becoming the wisewoman, working with Hawthorn, turmeric, ginkgo


10..November -  TBA


working with the digestive Digestive tract and Liver

Glode artichoke , fennel, dandelion

food fermentation


Women and power

Adaptogen herbs; Rhodiola and Siberian Ginseng

Power retrieval



taking on the mantle of wisewoman

learning manifestation techniques

making power bracelets



Wise woman Rising - A daughter of the Earth - Art Cups

 In facilitating Wisewoman Rising, I'm trying to change the cultural myth of the menopause from that of a big black hole filled with hot flushes, anxiety and loss of self in which we disappear into old age to one of knowledge, empowerment, and leadership in  walking the path of a valued Elder and  wise woman. A woman who is able to understand the changes in her body, her emotions and the world around her. To be able to let go of that which doesn't serve her so she can be transformed into a new way of walking on the Earth. Being a Herbalist, Shamanic practitioner and woman following an Earth Path the course spirals around the herbal knowledge of the plants used to support us and a Native British shamanic perspective which can help us navigate the challenges and changes of this very significant rite of passage. I asked my Partner Peter Yankowski to design a sigil, a logo that is significant for this transition and I love the design he came up with. Its the tree of life, its roots are the spiral, the journey we make to be Wise women, rooted in the Earth and filled with the ancient petroglyphs of the British Isles including Orkney, This represents the ancestral mothers who have made this journey before is and guide our path. There was such an amazing response to the sigil from women and men that Pete made them into cups so everyone can enjoy the imagery and they are for sale.  

Learn More

11oz ceramic cup printed with a design by Peter Yankowski. The cost is £10 plus £3 postage