Welcome to Herb-wyse

Welcome to Herb-wyse

Welcome to Herb-wyseWelcome to Herb-wyseWelcome to Herb-wyse

Connecting People to Plant Medicine


Edwina Hodkinson BSc(Hons) MNIMH

Medical Herbalist

Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists


Connecting People to Plant Medicine


One to one Herbal Medicine Consultations

Monthly Herb classes

Community herbal workshops

Menopause workshops

Wild Medicine walks


Contact me on:

Home: 0161 797 2761

Mobile: 0774 322 4956

Email: edwinahodkinson@yahoo.co.uk

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Herbal Medicine consultations


Herbal consultations last for about an hour and look deeper at health problems with the aim of working with root causes of ill health.  

Herb Classes


 These 2 hour Herb Classes are held monthly in Bolton and Bury, Lancashire.  

Herb Walks


Spend time reconnecting to nature getting to know our local wild medicines. Wild medicine walks  run through the seasons helping us to see the natural world through the eyes of our ancestors, working with plant identification and developing knowledge of the medicinal and food uses of local plants. 

Weeds and Wild Medicine


 This very popular 8 day hands on Herbal Medicine course is at Towneley Park, Burnley, Lancs. Co- taught by two experienced Medical herbalists , we work over the seasons, foraging, harvesting and making a wide variety of medicines that can be taken home afterwards 

Herbal Master classes


Full day classes co run by Herbalists Edwina Hodkinson and Danielle Kay that focus more  in depth on Herbal knowledge and skills

Community Herbal Learning


I work with community groups developing tailor  made  workshops that include herb walks, in depth herbal knowledge and medicine making

Please contact me for further details on edwinahodkinson@yahoo.co.uk

Contact Me

Edwina Hodkinson BSc(Hons) MNIMH Medical Herbalist 


St Georges Multi- therapy Centre, 50 St George's Rd, Bolton BL1 2DD

0774 322 4956


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09:00 – 17:00

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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