One to One Herbal Medicine Consultations


What is Herbal Medicine?
Herbal medicine is practiced all over the world and is the oldest form of medicine. It uses whole plants to treat a whole person, supporting and nourishing the body whilst gently directing it towards its own natural balance. Western herbal medicine combines traditional European and Native American plant remedies with modern day research and medical science.

How can it help me?
Herbal medicine aims to treat the whole person but can be particularly helpful in the management of:

• Digestive disorders
• Muscular and joint problems
• Stress related problems
• Circulatory disorders
• Women’s health problems
• Chest problems
• Poor immunity

What will happen during treatment?
The aim of the consultation is to assess the whole person and not just the symptoms. This enables me to make a tailor-made prescription to suit the individual, often using herbs that are not available over the counter.
The first consultation will take approximately an hour, during which you will be asked detailed questions about your health and lifestyle. The Consultation will take into account your full medical and drug history. Your blood pressure and pulse will be taken routinely and you may be given a physical examination.
Follow up appointments will take approximately half an hour.

How much will it cost? 

I charge  £50 for the initial consultation and  £ 35 for a follow up. Follow up treatments can be made via phone or facetime.

The tinctures cost  £7.50 per 100mls which is the equivalent of a weeks medicine.. 

When will I start to see the benefits?
Often in acute illness; benefits can be noticed within a few days. More chronic conditions can take a few weeks before positive changes are noticed and you may need at least 4-6 visits.

In what form is the prescription given?
I buy all my herbs are all purchased from UK suppliers and subject to strict quality control. Organic and bio-dynamic herbs are used wherever possible. Herbal medicines can be either given as a tincture (which uses an alcohol base), capsules, creams or as dried herbs to be made in to a tea.

Are they safe to take with the prescriptions from my doctor?
I am a trained nurse with a degree in Herbal Medicine. A thorough consultation takes into account any potential drug- herb interactions. You will not be asked to discontinue any of your conventional treatment whilst seeing the me unless this is discussed with your doctor first.