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Herbs walks in Bury and Bolton

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Autumn Wild Medicine walk - The Burrs Country Park, Woodhill

Tuesday , September 24th 2019 from 19:00-21:00

  Its autumn and the hedgerows are bursting with colour and wild medicines. Step into the world of our ancestors as they prepare for winter and learn about some of the berries, seeds, nuts, roots and leaves that can be used to make food and medicines with. This herb walk is about one and a half hours and will be at a gentle pace along foot paths. We will be encountering Elder, Hawthorn, Rose hips, Blackthorn (sloes) hazelnuts, Guelder rose, Nettle seeds, Rowan, horse chestnut and many more. There will be some Hedgerow mulled apple juiee to share afterwards. The cost of this herb walk is £13 and is payable via Paypal.